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5 Important Things to Include on Your Wedding Venue Website

October 21, 2021

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Have you ever felt confused about what exactly should be on your website? With so much already on your plate, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here to make the process easy for you! Here are five critical things to have on a wedding venue website. It may be time for an upgrade!

Great pictures

Do you have a gallery that makes it easy for prospective couples to check out your wedding venue? Even better, were they taken by a professional photographer? Having professional and beautiful images of your space is extremely important to booking tours and couples for their big day. I have seen many venue websites skip this step and it’s leaving significant money on the table. Make the investment upfront!

Solid copy

What is copy? Put simply, copy is the content that goes on your website. But honestly, it’s an integral part of connecting with your ideal clients and enticing them to pull the trigger on choosing you to book with them. They want to know that you see them. That you have provided all of the resources they need to feel drawn to your venue. That couples feel they know, like, and trust you. 

How do we do this through our wedding venue website copy? By investing time in market research of your ideal couples to understand what they want, rather than what you think they want.

Here are some questions to consider:

What do they care about?

What is important to them when it comes to budget

How about transparency? How can transparency build trust?

How do they want to feel about their venue and service providers?

How can you create an experience that is better than what they could have ever imagined?

How can you surprise and delight them along the way? Ultimately, giving them more than they expected?

Paint a picture

From the moment they pay their deposit to work with you, what can they expect? What is the experience like? You want to provide a clear picture. One that outlines all of the ways they will be taken care of. From there, describe what can happy between the booking and the wedding day. Can they visit again? Can they come set up decor? What about on the day itself?

Why do we do this? Well, this is a big part of setting expectations for your couples. This way, they can know what they will be getting and you can know what you will be giving. We believe that managing expectations can be a difference between a bridezilla and a laid-back bride who feels like she got what she paid for. 

Your packages and pricing… we want you to save time and book more!

Sharing the details of your venue and the packages you offer is a wonderful form of transparency that lets couples know what their options are. It also qualifies couples for you, reserving tour slots for clients that are serious about booking.

There are a few cool ways to do this:

  1. Display them on your site
  2. Placing your package information in a PDF as an email opt-in – once someone submits their email, they receive your pricing and packages delivered to their inbox (hello leads!)
  3. Creating a calculator on your website – doing this can give brides a fun way to play with your offerings. If they want extra decor? They click a button to add to their total. If she is a modest bride that doesn’t want to put her money into her dress, she can choose that and update her total. Convert Calculator is a great way to do this!

Make it easy

It’s about the experience you provide. Is your website intuitive and easy to navigate? Can visitors easily see where it is you want them to go next?

Your website should serve as an organized funnel, guiding visitors through a series of steps ultimately leading to your main goal: to book a tour and a date with you.

If the site is cluttered, displeasing to the eye, or counter-intuitive, your bounce rate will go up and your bookings will not convert as they should. Let your site do the heavy lifting for you so that when couples join you on a tour, they have pretty much already made up their minds!

Remember, you’ve got the goods! Your website is simply an opportunity to leverage all of the amazing things that you are already doing. 

We hope you found these tips for improving your site helpful!

Have questions? Reach out to us!

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