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4 Tips to Make Blogging Easy

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It sounds like such a daunting task doesn’t it

You say to yourself: “today I am going to get on my blogging schedule and stick to it”. A few days pass, you miss your deadline. You say, “that’s okay, next time I will write two” and things really start to pile up on you.

Why do I know this you ask? I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

In my short time blogging I have found these strategies for making blogging soooo much easier in a way that you can actually stick to:

1. Know WHY you are blogging

You are blogging to provide useful information to others. As a result, you are rewarded with a better SEO ranking!

When you are clear on the problems you are supporting others in, content creation gets a whole lot easier.

Get into that beginners mindset (aka your client’s shoes) and think, “what would be reallly helpful for my dream clients to know? That if they knew these things I would help in solving a problem for them?”

Additionally, blogging has increased my site traffic every single month. I launched this site in January of 2021, and each month the traffic has doubled on the month before. My main source of traffic is through Google. I attribute that to consistency in my content.

2. Provide Value Without Added Pressure

Done is better than perfect. It doesn’t have to be a long form blog post (more than 2500 words) to be useful. Many SEO experts say it should be, but unless you are a full time blogger it’s difficult to sustain.

Furthermore, I think it’s v difficult to read. Time is our most valuable resource. A long form blog is only helpful if it’s well…helpful. Avoid writing a long form post just for the sake of it and trying to write as much as you can.

If it is truly helpful to your audience go for it, but sometimes less is more.

I find I am much more successful in my personal blogging strategy when I let myself write straight to the point. I think of a topic, write it and let it flow as much as possible. If it’s a shorter post, so be it. If it’s longer, so be it.

Sometimes less is more so just do your best and let it be FUN!!

3. Make a blog template

The page duplication feature is far too underutilized. Especially with blogging! Recreating a post from scratch every single time makes blogging feel like a chore.

The best solution I have found with this, is to make a generic blog post for myself.

It includes all of the elements I typically use in a post:

Text blocks, images, buttons etc.

Then I lay it all out the way I want and name it “Blog Template”.

Now, whenever I write a new blog, I simply duplicate this page and then add my new content in. SIMPLE!

4. Stay consistent

Let’s face it, some weeks we are more inspired that others. Sometimes the content really feels like it’s flowing through with no effort and all. Other’s it feels like we are trudging through mud.

Here are a few things that help me work through those times when I am feeling less than motivated:

  1. Make it a habit

    • This is the same idea as “put it in your calendar”. I have started stacking blogging on top of habits I do everyday: In the morning, I do my morning routine (some kind of physical movement, affirmation work, EFT tapping, and meditation) after this I make coffee, and know that it’s time to sit down and get to work

    • Stacking a desired habit on top of something you easily already do, makes it easier to implement in a shorter amount of time

    • When it’s a habit, and not a negotiation with yourself everyday (“ehhh should I do it today? should I not?”) it’s easier to follow through without even thinking. When it’s optional, it likely won’t happen with consistency

    • Plus, once you have a solid streak going, it’s almost hard to stop!

  2. Speak with your dream clients – get content inspo

    • Really understand what inspires them, and what has them stuck where your service is concerned

    • Make a list of these things. Content will always be flowing. There are so many ways to support your audience within your area of expertise. Speaking with them provides clarity on what is actually helpful and where you might be spinning your wheels

    • Tip: I offered my dream clients 30-60 minutes of website help if they were willing to offer me 30-60 minutes of their time to ask them some questions about their pain points where branding, copywriting, and web design was concerned

  3. Choose your frequency

    • In February of 2021 I blogged every single day. It was honestly way easier mentally than blogging once a week because I had momentum. However, when things got really busy I had to scale my blogging back to once per week or once every other week.

    • Consider what works best for you and do your best to stick with it. Book times to blog into your calendar and test it out to see how it works in your schedule.

I hope this helps make blogging seem a little less daunting! Remember that done is better than perfect, don’t hold back, and keep taking messy action.

Thank you for reading through! Have more questions? Reach out anytime.


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