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Afraid to Sell? Follow These Tips

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I know how it feels to be afraid of sales. For whatever reason, often when we think of sales, an image is painted of someone persistently calling you, nagging you, or pushing you to do something you don’t want to do.

Although that does exist, that’s not the kind of sales I believe in. I also don’t think it’s an approach that works.

What has worked for me, and many others 20 steps ahead of me, is true connection that leads to natural collaboration.

It begins before the first point of contact is even made.

It begins on your social media account where a future client can slowly get to know you over time…that is of course if you are consistent.

It also begins in the blog of your website (again, if you’re consistent).

This is the relationship-building stage. This is where a client learns to know, like, and trust you. That way, by the time they arrive on a call with you, their mind is really already made up. They have on some level decided that they are already going to work with you.

I share a bit more on this in a previous blog post: An Inside Look at My Sales Process

So if you have already built a foundation in the client relationship, how do you overcome the fear of sales that is still lurking? I have added 6 actions and mindset shifts you can implement today:

What if…

What if your mentors/teachers/favorite artists never sold their services/products to you? What would your life be like?

Would your life feel darker? More contractive? Less vibrant or expansive? What valuable information would have never learned? What would have been then cost of them not showing up over a fear of selling?

When we don’t sell out of fear, we are making the decision to withhold information that could help people in the world. You could provide a short cut, or a solution, or a beautiful piece of art that could leave a positive impact but choose not to.

Think of what you are holding back and why.

Remember WHY you do what you do

You are there to be of service.

Are you offering a solution to your dream client’s problem? If you provide your product or service will it improve their quality of life or help them to reach their goals?

If so, that must be the place the sale is coming from. Reframe the experience by reminding yourself that you aren’t there to convince anyone to buy something they don’t want or need. You are there to listen to the client, hear their struggles, empathize, listen listen listen, and offer your solution passionately.

It’s easy to talk about something you believe in right?

Do your energy practices – embody the highest self

You set the tone for your client relationships, so make sure you are taking the time to align your energy and take care of you!

Breathing, meditation, grounding exercises, working out, eating a healthy meal and dance parties. These are just a few ways that I have found I am able to embody the energy of my highest self.

When I am out of the thinking brain and into my body and alignment, I tap into gratitude and abundance with ease. I am able to connect with clients on a call in a way that feels intuitive, exciting and unafraid.

This also applies when creating content….

Get into the body > reflect on your message > ask “what do my clients want/need to hear today” > share that messaging > build a relationship where future dream clients can learn to know, like and trust you.

Never make assumptions

Don’t assume what a client will or won’t do before you have the chance to talk to them. Judging a client keeps everyone playing small. Maybe they are judgments like “well they probably won’t say yes” or “they probably wouldn’t pay for what I am asking for”. But the reality is, we don’t know. Keep an open mind and don’t put words in their mouth. Breathe belief into them and into the relationship.

And of course, LISTEN more than you speak in the conversation. Validate them. Hold space. Make the offer, and then see where it goes.

The “never make assumptions rule” also applies to yourself. Don’t assume that just because something feels challenging or uncomfortable to you that you aren’t meant to do it or that you won’t enjoy it. In fact, the feeling of discomfort can often be a sign of growth in the direction we are meant to be moving in.

Who knows? You might love sales. I remember thinking that sales was something I could never do, or that I would really dislike it. The more I do it though, the more I love it and to be honest, it never feels like sales. It feels like I am sharing about something I love that I know can help and support others.

Set the intention: “I don’t take things personally”

People could choose not to work with us for a million reasons. It is important to be aware of objections and consider the reasons why someone might have hesitations. Maybe it’s price, timing, or that they are considering another option. These are all valid. We should be prepared for objections and have tools in place to nurture them. However, if nothing can be said to click the sale into place, then it’s okay.

If it’s truly not the right fit, let it be the right fit. This is valuable information we can use to fine-tune our process in the future, but there are also situations where it’s truly just not about us. Keep moving forward and never see it as a reason to quit.

So make that decision ahead of time. Remember WHY you are doing what you do and coming from a place of love, enjoy the process of the sales call. Showing up in that energy will likely get you the sale, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.


I desire what is best for the growth of myself and my client

My wish is for them to be successful whether that is with me or not

I embody my expertise and offer my solutions with confidence



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