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4 Tips to Increase Conversion on Your Website

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4 Tips to Increase Conversion on Your Website

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Your time is valuable and I don’t want to waste any of it. Let’s dive right in.

Nurture before they arrive


A website and sales page are important for giving your clients resources, the ability to pay you, and a way that they can reach out and book you. A website also connects them more to who you are and what you care about.

But here’s the thing…

Nurturing your leads begins OUTSIDE of the website itself. We are lucky to live in a time where social media is such an accessible resource to market ourselves.

It provides a way to connect with others and also share what we are up to.

When we share what we are working on and how we can serve others, clients feel that and over time, start to warm up to the idea of working with you.

Bottom line: Nurture clients before they even arrive on your website. They will be more likely to work with you

Make it easy

Have you ever been to a website that is really difficult to navigate? You showed up willingly to reach out to this person, or buy a product, or explore their services but damn it was impossible to find anything you were looking for.

So how do you make it easier?

  • Your navigation should be clear and minimal. Not too many options or distractions

  • Have a button in the top right hand corner that is different from the rest (see example in my navigation). This is critical real estate and through eye mapping tech has been determined to be a really heavily trafficked location on websites

  • Provide resources that help them to make their decisions. The equivalent on my website would be my portfolio, and this very blog you are reading. CONTENT!

Bottomline: Your website must be organized. Simple is better than more. Make it EASY for them to find your main offer (hint: the main offer aligns with the number 1 goal of your website)

Automation and flows

When clients go to book a consult with me, they are automatically directed to my appointment scheduler, a thank you/welcome, and a client questionnaire.

I also have a set up for sending my invoices and contacts.

I find that that more solid this part of the process is, the more at ease my clients are. I understand this, you are setting the tone for how you will show up for them. Make it count and make it worth it.

Bottomline: Build a sense of confidence by having strong systems in place that comfort and inspire your clients

Do what you say you are going to do

When you say you are going to offer a discount code, offer the code. When you say “enter your email for xyz offer” make sure the offer comes through.

This is all pretty obvious but it bears mentioning. Building trust is key when asking clients to pay for your product/service. Have you ever invested in someone you didn’t trust? If you did, how did it turn out?

Bottomline: Give clients as many reasons to say YES as you possibly can



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