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Using Acuity on Your Website to Automate Your Booking Process

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Increase productivity, reduce time cost, and improve client satisfaction by automating your booking process.

Acuity is an online appointment scheduler I have used for years. The reason being that it makes life so much easier by eliminating phone tag and automating your booking process.

Think about Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Apple, or Costco. Why do we shop at these places or use their products? Because they improve our lives and make it reallllly easy to shop with them.

The barriers of purchasing are minimal to none and many of their processes are automated.

This is what we must be seeking to do in our businesses.

Make it easy for clients to buy and work with us. Automate the process so that we can work on our business rather than in our business.

For how to add Acuity to your website, watch this video tutorial:

The Power of Automation

Automation should be a goal of any system on your website.

Why automate?

  1. Having predictable and reliable processes in place is attractive to clients

    I have had clients that said they were more inclined to work with me than a competitor because my booking and on boarding process was more streamlined and that was the result they were looking for to. It not only makes things easy, but it represents how you like to do business as well as what it can be like for clients when they choose to work with you.

  2. Automation frees up your valuable time

    I’m guessing you have a business that you would like to continue to grow right? The fewer small tasks we have taking up valuable time, the more space we have to expand to the next level. Additionally, once hiring a team becomes a conversation, systems will make for an easy on boarding process with fewer points of failure for your team to worry about.

  3. Tasks are accomplished more quickly

    When booking is a breeze you remove barriers of entry when it comes to working with you. Put yourself in your clients shoes. Are you more likely to work with someone who made it quick and easy to work with them? Or someone who strings you along for a week while you play phone take with your schedules?

What Acuity Does

  • Book unlimited sessions with clients, reserve a space or really just do anything that has to do with blocking off time (free feature)

  • Collect payments at time of booking using Stripe, Square, or PayPal (paid feature)

  • Collect tips

  • Automates the call process with Zoom: when a client books a session with me now, a Zoom link is sent to them automatically (paid feature and totally worth it)

  • Sync with your calendar and receive booking notifications (free feature)

  • Offer coupons, gift cards and subscriptions (paid feature)

  • Automatic time zone conversion – no need to worry about getting mixed up with times when your client is in another time zone (free feature)

  • Reminder emails for clients (paid feature)

  • Customize scheduler appearance (paid feature)

  • Offer classes, workshops and group events (paid feature)

  • Embed into your website (free feature)

“When I first started I had new clients come to me not because of my experience, but because I was the easiest to schedule with.”


Embedding Acuity onto Your Squarespace Website

  1. Navigate to the homepage of your Acuity account

  2. On the left sidebar click “Scheduling Page Link”

image showing acuity schedule menu


3. Click “Embed Scheduler” Under Direct Links & Embedding

image showing acuity scheduler embed code


4. Open the page on your Squarespace website that you want your scheduler to appear on > click “edit” > add a new section by clicking a blue (+) sign > above the text block click another blue (+) > scroll down and add a code block:

image showing the different squarespace blocks with an arrow pointing to code


5. Delete the “Hello world” filler text and replace it with your code

Click apply, and you’re done!

image showing code for acuity being put in a squarespace website

Moral of the Story

Make it easy for yourself and your clients with automating your scheduling process. Improve client experience and prepare for your growth!

Need some support or just have some questions? Click the link below.


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