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Are You Losing Sales on Your Website by Making this Mistake?

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This post isn’t going to be long, but it is important. There is one mistake I have seen many times and it is costing businesses sales.

Ask for the sale

You could have the best, most beautiful site in the world, but if you aren’t asking visitors to take action on what you have to offer, you are missing out on money in the bank.

Every page should serve an intentional purpose and have a very clear Call to Action (CTA) included a few times throughout the page – where it makes sense.

Okay so how do you know what actions to ask visitors to take?

Clarify the top 3 goals of your website

You have a business and are creating a website for a reason. What are those reasons? Write them down. Is it to sell products? Services? To share information and position yourself as an expert? Grow your email list?

Get really clear on your goals and those become the main focus.

Ideally you will have no more than 3 goals. Why? Setting too many goals for your website splits your attention and makes it difficult to stay consistent. Repetition is key when potential clients find themselves on your website.

On your sales page for a service you offer for example, you want to invite the client to work with you a few times. A sales page provides a lot of info, and if they find themselves interested in what you offer but can’t find a way to work with you… they will leave and your bounce rate with sky rocket.

Bounce rate is calculated as a factor in your SEO. This is the length of time visitors stay on your website or leave and how often.

CTAs to ask for the sale

After you have determined your top goal(s). You now know what to prioritize.

Here are some great CTA’s to use for evergreen services or products:

  • Buy Now

  • I’m Ready

  • Let’s go

  • Register

  • Sign Me Up

For booking with you:

  • Book my Free Consultation

  • Book my Session

  • I’m Ready

  • Let’s Work Together

  • Let’s Get Started

For growing your email list:

You will want to offer a freebie for this to entice someone to join your list. How many times have you entered your email just because someone asked you to subscribe? Probably never.

How many times have you given your email because someone offered you a free e book, or a free 7 day challenge, or a free meditation? Probably far more often.

Create a freebie that inspires someone to send you their email. This freebie should give clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you and maybe even prepare them to work with you on a paid product or service.

So in this case the CTA would be:

  • Download Now

  • Count Me In

  • Sign Me Up

  • I Want (Insert giveaway name here)

  • Send Me My ebook/audio/meditation/guide/etc.

Now, include your CTA on every page

If you have an online store, you will want links throughout your store leading clients to the shop. If you have a high ticket sale item your CTA for your website will be to have clients book a free consultation with you.

Have any questions about this? I’m always happy to help in any way that I can! Reach out!


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