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An Inside Look at My Sales Process

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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day so far and getting some needle moving work done in your business!

Today we are here to talk about sales.

Sales. That word used to give me the heebie jeebies and I resisted it hard.

It wasn’t until I found the joy in my sales process that I stopped feeling that resistance.

First, let’s start by addressing some truths about selling.

What people think sales has to be:

  • Pushy

  • Uncomfortable

  • Tactical

  • An hour of convincing and coercion

What sales actually is:

  • Showing up in service and asking your client “How can I help make things easier for you?”

  • Focusing on what you can do to help your clients rather than what’s in it for you

  • Building rapport

  • Speaking less and listening more

  • Addressing questions as best you can

  • Running a business that is in your zone of genius so speaking on your area of expertise comes from a place of passion and excitement, rather than force.

  • Eaaassseeee

How did I figure this out?

Sales is Non Negotiable

Well for one, I finally got it into my head that I MUST STOP resisting that sales is part of having a business. It is critical. If you are in business, you are also in sales. I surrendered and that made a great deal of difference.


I also listen to (and seek out) as many teachers on the subject as I possibly can. I look at teachers that are at, or have surpassed, the level that I plan to reach one day. Looking at teachers like Jay Abraham, Natalia Benson, Tony Robbins, Rachel Bell and David Ogilvy accelerate my skills. If I am at chapter 1, and they have a vantage point from their chapter 30 that I am not able to see yet, I benefit from learning from them. They will give me short cuts and strategies that otherwise I would have needed to learn on my own through trial and error.

Consistency with Content

Content helps potential clients in the process of getting to know, like, and trust you ahead of time. By listening to your podcasts, reading your blogs, and watching you post on social media, your audience gets to know you better and better. This makes them feel more comfortable by the time they reach out to book with you.

The most amazing part of this?

If they already know, like, and trust you through your content or through a referral, they ALREADY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

This gives you the freedom to let go of any lack energy. What do I mean by lack energy? In a sales call this might look like convincing, coercing, chasing or using pushy tactics.

When you show up to the meeting with the assumption that it is already done and decided you will work together, then everything changes.

Focus on providing the best service you possibly can. Give give give in a way that makes them feel amazed they are getting all of this for free. Be generous with your knowledge and skills. They will start to think “wow, if they are giving me all of this for free… I can only imagine what I will receive if I pay $1000”. Right?

When you show up in integrity and service, everything falls into place. That is the way of the universe.

Willingness to Make Mistakes

I have made SO MANY mistakes as a business owner and entrepreneur and I guarantee many more will be made. That is the nature of doing new things that challenge you to grow and expand.

Yes, I’m just gonna say it: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

To be honest this was such an annoying to me in the beginning, but then I realized this discomfort was mainly resistance to growing. I know though, that it is easier said than done.

How to make the discomfort more manageable:

It all comes down to your habits and practices.

I use time in the morning and in the evening to:

  • Dance and move emotion and resistance through the body

  • Practice breath and meditation to become present, grounded, and release anxiety

  • Exercise. Get your heart rate up and shift your energetic state! Running, Yoga (any kind but especially Kundalini in the mornings), lifting weights, HIIT and Circuit training are some of my favorite ways.

  • EFT tapping: Tapping interrupts old patterns and integrates desired patterns and beliefs by tapping along the energy meridians of the body. This is done while speaking intention out loud. Natalia Benson offers some amazing tapping exercises as well as Gala Darling. You can always find a bunch on YouTube

  • Jam to music that puts you in a good mood. Get into a high state by doing things you know make you happy, energetic and magnetic

  • Listen to teachers and motivators that inspire you. Maybe these are development coaches, athletes, activists, or anything that helps you to feel empowered and connected

Repeat these practices consistently. Make them habits and overtime you will notices shifts and magic.

Coming back to sales…

The conclusion I have come to is that sales has so much to do with your energy.

Empower yourself.

Bring good energy.

Give in service.

Then present your offering.

Is my sales process perfect every single time? No way. There will always be new challenges and variable factors. I will always be human and not be perfect, but that’s okay. What is important is the upward spiral. The improving on every previous experience so that each day we get just 1% better. Slowly over time things get easier and we get better.

Be patient and practice your business strategy as a non negotiable habit.

You will look back and see the results.



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