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3 Mistakes I See On Contact Pages

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The contact page is probably one of the simplest to build, but there are a few mistakes I consistently see when looking at solopreneur websites.

This blog post is here to make sure you aren’t making these mistakes, and if you are, how to correct them.

ONE: Not having your contact form connected to something

This might seem obvious to some people, but for others it may have slipped through the cracks.

On Squarespace specifically, you can do this by going to your contact form, clicking the pencil to edit, and then selecting “storage” like in the picture below. Enter your email and save. Boom, you have a functioning contact form.

Bonus points for taking a few extra minutes to test your form and make sure the message goes through!

screenshot for how to edit a contact form in Squarespace


TWO: Making it challenging

If people need to book with you, be sure you have a calendar scheduler set up

This is so important! Using a scheduler like Acuity will make all the difference in creating ease for your clients AND save you time.

One of my teachers, Natalia Benson, always reminds her students to take this approach.

“Why is Amazon a TRILLION dollar company?” She asks. “Because it’s EASY.”

Make it EASY for people to work with you. As EASY as possible.

Make it EASY for potential clients to understand what you do. BE CLEAR.

Make it EASY to navigate your website and view your products/services.

Make it EASY for visitors to contact you and schedule appointments.

The easier things are for clients, the easier it is for you to get booked. Even better, set up some automations with it. We will go over this more later.

Who doesn’t want that? GET BOOKED BABY!


THREE: Leaving out other important information such as…

  • Social media links if they aren’t already in the header and footer

  • The location, hours, and a map if you have a brick and mortar business

  • Direction that you want your clients to follow – for example, on my contact page, I include direction for people to first send me a message, and then second, book their consultation call. I found that without the directions people would often send a message but not schedule with me, which is the most important part

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Follow these steps and you’ll have everything you need for your contact page!


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