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4 Journal Prompts for Self Reflection

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I am taking some time for a bit of self reflection.

Why is journaling important? Not only does it give us the opportunity to process our thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a healthy way, but it also provides us the valuable chance to see ourselves and our experiences from a totally new vantage point. Without perspective and clarity, it is very difficult to make effective and helpful decisions.

In my experience, journaling has also afforded me the most helpful skill of slowing down and using rational thought. I have had a history of being a very emotional decision maker, so this skill set is one I long coveted.

Pisces = emotional af.

Here’s what self reflection journaling (and meditation) has taught me:

1. Radical self honesty

2. Acceptance + responsibility 

3. Self forgiveness + love

= big life shifts ⚡️

Rest. Reflect. Restore. Then let’s get after it.

Did you know abundance, success, and love are a birthright?

Action is the new self care.

Here are four journal prompts you can start to use for your self reflection!


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Keep in mind:

Self reflection journaling is not about taking the opportunity to be hard on yourself or beat yourself.

Do this work with the intention of love and an open mind. Imagine yourself watching your own experience, like you were watching TV.

Not getting the ego involved, but rather becoming curious about the interesting information you discover about yourself in these practices.

If you stumble upon things that are more difficult to accept, practice self forgiveness and never be afraid to ask for help from others.


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