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How to Write a Sales Page Using the PADS Formula

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Whether we want it to be the case or not, selling is a huge part of being a business owner. It’s the action we take that lead to the reward of our business – e.g. getting paid while helping our ideal clients.

If sales is so important, why do we resist it so much?

Well I don’t know about you, but speaking from my own experience, I resisted selling because of the very idea of it. I painted a picture in my mind that it was uncomfortable, and vulnerable. In truth, yes. In the beginning it certainly can be. The fear of rejection is all to real. I know that my first several sales calls and cold emails we met with polite declines or sometimes even chilly nos. Now I am excited to say that I book on sales calls 99% of the time.

In those moments it can be enough to make you want to quit.

But hey, I have some good news for you… it does get better.

Layne come on. That’s it? Are you for real?

As annoying as it may be, it’s true. The long term benefits of selling FAR outweighs short term discomfort of selling.

One thing that can make it easier is having a strong online presence that helps your ideal clients find you. Your ideal clients are the ones that you are so beyond excited to work with AND they are excited to pay you.

This sounds like a total win win right?

Part of having that strong online presence is a solid sales page for your offering.

For high ticket offers like courses and 1:1 coaching, a sales page is the thing that has your potential clients going “Wow, he/she really sees me. They understand me and what my problems are and are offering to telling me exactly how to make my life easier.

So, without further adieu (yes I had to look up how to spell that), here is ONE (of many) formulas you can use to write your sales page on your website: P.A.D.S


P: Problem

You are going to begin your sales page in this formula by pointing out the problem the client is facing.

Say you are a financial wealth coach. The problem you identify might go something like this:

“Are you tired of wondering where your money goes every month? No matter how hard you try, you feel like you just can’t stick to a budget.

You sit at your desk, create your spreadsheets and proclaim to yourself that this month will be different, but by the time the last day of the month rolls around, you are in the same old place. Looking at your bank account with far less commas than you would like. Maybe even a few minus signs and fees from over withdraws.”

Do you see how this example really connects to the client? You are able to write from this place because likely at one point you were this person. I say that because often times it seems entrepreneurs have a way of building the business they wish they had when they were going through their biggest challenges.

Alright, now that we understand the problem phase, let’s move on to the next!

A: Agitate

At this point in your sales page, you are going to agitate the problem at little bit more. Ultimately, this is your chance to elaborate on the problem in a more polarizing way. In the words of Rachel Bell (multiple 7-figure business coach)

If you’re afraid of polarizing, you’re never going to win at advertising.”

This is true. It’s important to take a position on things. Trust that you won’t resonate with everyone and good, that’s kind of the point. No one can please everyone, but by being bold and taking positions you can indeed attract the people you most want to work with in the world. The people you can most help.

Continuing with our previous example, agitating the problem might go like this:

“You know doing things like this isn’t sustainable. You have moments where you feel embarrassed that you even ended up here. When you go out to dinner with friends you get nervous if someone says “let’s just split it”. And you wish more than anything that sometimes you had the extra cash to pay for a dinner for your parents or a dear friend.

The zeros in your bank account stare at you as your wonder how you will pay for you food after you pay for your rent.”

woman writing in a journal sitting on her bed

D: Discredit

This is a set you won’t always find researching PADS on Google. A lot of the readings about this sales strategy were only PAS.

Rachel Bell (that I mentioned before – my god she’s brilliant) uses this additional third step in her pages. When you discredit, you are taking the time to acknowledge all of the things this client has already tried. Ultimately, you are ramping up to shock everyone with how you are different. Lolz.

Here we go:

“How many budget and credit tracking apps have you tried only to realize that it didn’t work for you. How many times have you attempted to emotionally punish yourself for this recurring behavior to find that the approach doesn’t actually help or motivate you? You are sure exhausted of looking at the spreadsheets on your computer that promised better days.”

Does this make sense? You are making your client feel seen again by acknowledging that you know they have already tried all they can.

Let’s move on to the next.

S: Solution

Yes finally! This is my favorite part.

You move into the phase of how YOU are the one that can change their trajectory. YOU are the one that will step in and make sure they don’t experience one more single day in a state of pain and suffering where your area of expertise is concerned.

  • Introduce yourself and what you do

  • HOW do you do this?

  • Evidence and credibility

Alright here we go with the example:

“(Introduce) Hi, I’m (name) and I help men and women take back their power around money and build their wealth.

(HOW) In my 6 week coaching program, you will go from wondering where your money went, to having your money work for you. Imagine this, no more nights staying up late worrying about how you will pay your bills. Even better, you will have the space to enjoy your money even more (elaborate here).

(Evidence) I have helped x amount of people change their financial fate for the better. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself. (Enter testimonials, data, and results you have created here – if you don’t have any yet, consider asking previous clients, or taking on a couple of clients for free for a little while so you can get some).

After the solution….

Direct your audience to the action you would like them to take.

“Ready for a change?” ask them to schedule a consult call with you or make a purchase.

The more you know your clients and industry, the easier it will be to follow these steps and create the content for them.

A very important note

DOUBLE, MAYBE EVEN TRIPLE, CHECK that the problems you are thinking you want to solve, are the problems your clients are ACTUALLY having. All too often we can get in the habit of thinking we know best without really taking the time to talk to anyone about what you want to do.

Before you build your course, or write the curriculum for your coaching BE SURE that you do your market research.

How do I do that you ask?

There are a few ways. Ask your previous clients what they were struggling with most before you came along, and the biggest help you offered them.

Go on the internet and check out forums and facebook groups around your field of study. Seeing what the most common problems are that you have a solution to. After you gather your intel, you are ready to go!

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