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Niching Down with Your Ideal Client Profile

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This is the time to figure out exactly WHO your business serves. Yep, it’s time to niche down if you haven’t already.

Oye. Niching down? I remember when I first heard the term when I started my first business.

Trying to reach fewer people? On purpose? It made zero sense to me at the time. Luckily, I had some amazing mentors and teachers that showed me exactly why this is important and I hope to pass along some of that valuable information to you.

Rumi said, “When you are everywhere, you are nowhere. When you are somewhere, you are everywhere.”

In the beginning, it’s easy to imagine that everyone needs your product or service for one reason or another. You might be right, and if you truly can help everyone… go you! But the downside of trying to appeal to everyone is that you appeal to no one and marketing can become extremely challenging.

What is your marketing strategy when your goal is to appeal to the masses? What platforms do you use? Who do you call and email? What do you write your blog posts about?

Chances are, you would have to make things pretty vague in order to keep people in the loop and not lose anyone along the way. The problem with this approach, is that you won’t end up resonating with the clients you are truly hoping to work with in your business.

Our strategy here will focus on narrowing things down so you know who you really want to work with. Those clients that you dream of walking through your door or scheduling an appointment.

What even is an ideal client?

An Ideal Client is someone that you dream of working with. Someone you KNOW you can make a difference for and also totally vibes with you. You are equally excited about each other and they are driven to use what you offer. This is mirrored by the over the moon inspirational motivation you feel to make their lives better.

Here are the top 3 things to consider when you are niching:

One: Start with the solution

What do you offer people? Think about what you do and the problems that you solve for people. So much value can come from this, including picturing you will be using your services.

Who wants your solution to their problems so badly, that they will give you their credit card number without hesitation?

Think about these clients and what they are going through:

  • What is their biggest struggle when it comes to your topic?

  • Is it something that will keep them up at night?

  • What value do you offer? Is it a solution that keeps on giving long after their time with you? (try and make this a hell yes)

Two: Get to know your client

Think about their interests and lifestyle. Rachel Bell (a brilliant entrepreneur I love) talks about the “mall test”. If I invited my Ideal Client to the mall, where would they shop? Where would they eat? If you can answer these questions, then you probably have a pretty good grasp on your Ideal Client. If not, more research is needed.

How old is your client?

What do they do for fun?

What podcasts/tv shows/blogs/publications do they like? *Hint: this can give you insight to your marketing strategy including the social media platforms you use and how you connect with them. Where do they like to hang out?

Three: Pain points

Dive deep on this one. What are they struggling with the most? In other words, what is their life like before your service? And what is it like afterwards?

Make a list of your client’s pain points, and there be your content for blogging and social media marketing! Answer their questions. Relate to them. Show them you understand and ALSO give valuable content that will make a difference.

Give. Give. Give. Oh and….give. This is precisely why one of the core values of Layne Alexandra Design is GENEROSITY. This is a pillar and so much good has come from it. The same will happen for you too the more you offer solutions to people who need them.

Tip: So often business owners build the business that they wished they had when they were going through their own struggles. Does this resonate with you? It can be helpful to think about that as you develop your Ideal Client Profile. Pull from your experience for inspiration!

Want to go deeper? Download my Ideal Client Profile workbook to create an effective (and irresistible) online marketing strategy.


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