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4 Important Journal Prompts for Entrepreneurs

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We’ve all heard about how journaling is beneficial as a mental health practice. Why is that? In my experience it’s because it gives us the opportunity to be introspective and self observe. When we self observe, many things become possible:

  • We are more easily able to see ourselves

  • We can learn to have less judgement and more compassion for ourselves and others

  • We get to know ourselves better and therefore understand when to ask for help and where we have our strengths

  • We gain the ability to make changes, change behaviors that don’t serve us, set goals and reach them

  • With this comes the dissolution of the “I”. Our capacity for commanding our own energy and becoming the change we wish to see in the world expands radically

Here are 4 journal prompts of deeper exploration for conscious business owners, creatives, and service driven leaders.

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what am I grateful for journal prompt.jpg


when i think of my biggest challenges i've had, what did I learn journal prompt.jpg


Pick one goal:  What action steps can I take, and how will I measure my growth journal prompt.jpg


What are my top 5 core values for life? Have I been acting in alignment with these journal prompt.jpg



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