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The Psychology of Your Brand

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Before you build your website there are so many things to consider when it comes accurately representing your brand. You must think about the colors, the language, the goal of your brand, and ultimately the way your brand psychologically relates to attracting your ideal client. It sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are some things to think about when you are ready to build the foundation for the brand of your dreams!

What demographic are you aiming to attract with your brand?

Who is your ideal client? What do they do for work? How do they like to spend their free time? Are they entrepreneurs or do they focus on corporate growth?

Start by painting the picture of this person in your mind. Look for clues and don’t be afraid to follow your gut! Maybe your demographic is women. Maybe its young couples in Colorado who love the mountains and need the perfect photographer for their wedding. Are their names Tom and Sarah? Get really detailed, make a list, and it will help you with the rest!

What is the tone of your brand?

When I say “tone” this applies to a variety of factors. The tone of voice for your copy, the color tone of your images, the overall feel of your brand and website. Tone is a pretty intangible thing, but you can use actual visible tools to make sure your vibe is being accurately translated.

  • Color psychology: THIS IS SO IMPORTANT and deserves a blog post of its own soon. The colors of your brand can communicate to your clients if you are the one they should do business with. Is your business feminine, masculine, or both? Are fire colors the right way to boast your energetic brand, or are soothing pastels going to draw your clients in? Pinterest is a GREAT tool for this. Search for color palettes and see what jumps out at you. Don’t forget about Tom and Sarah when you do this!

  • Language: First start by listing words that describe your brand. For example: sophisticated, bright, fun, airy, funny, clear, clean, trustworthy, etc. (there should be a lot)! Then write all of your copy from that place. Maybe your brand is more serious so you can use more straightforward language. Or maybe it’s a little more fun so you can use words like WOO or punctuation like exclamation points. What impression are you wanting to make?

More on this later….

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What are you going to accomplish with your brand?

Are you trying to convert sales? Take on clients? Inform the masses? Get really clear on the bare bones of your business then take it one step further. What are you really selling? I could just say that I am selling websites, but that would be incorrect. I am really selling the solution to the headaches of launching a new brand. I am really selling a way for small business owners to save their precious time for carrying out the mission of their business and doing the things that bring them joy. They can leave the rest to me.

What are you really selling?

The point is, these tools can help you build a brand and website that attracts the clients you are looking for AND that are looking for you. Don’t do all of the heaving lifting on your own. Tapping into the psychology of your brand is so so powerful and can make all the difference. Once you have all of this down, don’t forget to carry that consistency across every platform. Social media, website, business cards, marketing materials, ads, you name it. Remember Tom and Sarah with everything you do and get ready to LAUNCH! Go you.


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